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Hotel Sirena

Hotel Sirena Hotel SirenaHotel SirenaHotel Sirena
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via G. D Annunzio, 14
61011 gabicce mare (PU)
Tel : 0541950988
Fax : 0541954400

Description :

Now completely renovated rooms and halls, the Hotel Sirena Wellness Club offers many new services while preserving the uniqueness of his family, thanks to a Fabulous Kitchen, has for years distinguished and made famous on the Riviera Adriatica. The Hotel is centrally located near shops and local meeting place, located at the side of the Unity of Italy Gardens and just a short walk from the beach. It offers comfortable rooms to stay, with modern furnishings, TV (satellite), bar, terrace, garden, elevator, spacious air-conditioned dining rooms, private cabins on the beach. The owner of Kitchen Fabulous Maria Pia Magnani has always distinguished the hotel, featuring ricchissimini with buffets at every meal. An elegant table service complete the spell, giving memorable lunches and dinners. All rooms are comfortable and have the most comfortable, with spacious bathrooms and fully renovated. The new demands have also led to the creation of small apartments or rooms to enjoy greater comfort and privacy during their stay with relatives and close friends. The Wellness Center "Wellness Area" recently opened is just one of the last steps in which the family Magnani-Pecci thought to make more pleasant and unique holiday of its guests.
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