Information for your holiday, history and routes for visit Gabicce Mare's city.

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History and routes for Gabicce Mare's ways

The town of Gabicce Mare
Gabicce Mare gives a physical sense of something new; it is the changingface of nature. In quick succession, over the space of just a few kilometres, the sea alternates with the gentle inlets of the safe beach and the promontory of Gabicce Monte and San Bartolo Park, with rocky gorges and small coves that overlook the deep waters of the sea, the ideal place for scuba diving, with the tiny tourist harbour of Vallugola and with the ancien and legendary Roman city and underwater harbour of Valbruna. A charming panoramic road zigzags its way up to Gabicce Monte where typical bars and restaurants have risen on the remains of the castle that once belonged to the faudal landowner Ligabitio and the kilns of the famous Lanfranco family who were the first to decorate ceramics with pure gold. The road continues to wind its way along the cliff tops that drop straight to the sea and passes through a number of old fishing villages before dropping to Pesaro.
An holiday in Gabicce Mare
Along the coast and the hillside, over 100 hotels, guesthouses, tourist residences and apartments constitute the accomodation facilities offered by Gabicce Mare, a resort that boasts quality services and is traditionally characterised by its friendly approach and courtesy. A holiday in Gabicce Mare offers hundreds of different possibilities, allowing visitors to choose what best suits their particular needs; a lazy stay that combines lying around on the beach with long walks in the countryside and shopping, or an active holiday centred around sport, entertainment and excursions. Each year, the tourists season opens with the International Bicycle Touring Week that welcomes hundreds of cycling tourists from all over the world but Gabicce Mare also offers sports lovers the chance to practice tennis, five-a-side football, sailing, trekking, fitness and much more besides... And in the evening, the town becomes an open-air theatre, a stage that offers a variety of different shows and events including concerts, entertainment, dancing, cinema, gastronomy, art exhibitions and street markets. Thanks to its geographic position, Gabicce Mare is the ideal departure point for trips into the hinterland of the Marche and Romagna and both regions boast numerous places of historical, artistic and environmental interest.
The municipality of Gabicce was founded at the beginning of the thirteenth century and over the years the territory and its castles passed under a succession of differents rulers, but its roots are historically closely linked to Gabicce Monte. The existence of a parish community on this promontory, gathered around the church of San Ermete...
The few houses that surround Valbruna Square are all that remain of the old borough of Gabicce Monte, mentioned on a Pontifical bull as far back as 998... Le petit port touristique de Vallugola, known since the Roman timens and perhaps also used by the Greeks...
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